Best vastu consultant in Kolkata explains the dual advantages of Sleeping Direction in South

Best vastu consultant in Kolkata explains the dual advantages of Sleeping Direction in South

Everything in the universe exists in balance. It means that we have both good and bad forces around us. Best vastu consultant in Kolkata often finds that a vastu is occupied by too much negative energy, because it is readily present outside. 

When you don’t take adequate measures by implementing vastu guidelines then you are exposed to the bad effects of it. But thankfully, with timely intervention of vastu correction, you can guide the positive energy to enter your vastu and your life. 

We are exposed to both good and bad energy at every point of life and sleeping is also included in it. If you are sleeping as per vastu rules, then you can acquire good energies while sleeping and the reverse is holds right too, adds Best Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.  

Vastu Shastra comprises of ancient wisdom that guides individuals to utilize the best of the natural element around them and directions play a critical role in them. One critical aspect is the direction in which we sleep, and vastuvid highly recommends south sleeping direction. 

In this blog post, we will learn about the dual advantages that come with aligning your head towards the south during your nightly rest. After reading this blog, you will be able to discover how this simple adjustment can bring wealth, happiness, and positive vibrations into your life.

Understanding South Sleeping Direction:

To ensure that everyone is on the same page, without a shadow of doubt, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata explains in simple language as to what is implied by south sleeping direction. Do not misread that sleeping in the south zonal bedroom is what it is.  

You can have south sleeping direction in any bedroom. When your head points towards the south while sleeping, then have south sleeping direction. Vastu experts consider this orientation to be the most ideal for achieving a harmonious balance between natural energies and the individual’s well-being. Thus, you should adapt this sleeping direction as your first preference. 

Dual Advantages of South Sleeping Direction:

Let us see what are the dual advantages that are associated with the south sleeping direction. Let us check them out one by one, so that you can see why you need to adapt them.

1. Associated with Deity Yama:

The south direction is believed to be the abode of deity Yama, the god of death in Hindu mythology who is also considered a dispenser of justice. By residing in his domain can bring positive effects. This association makes the south sleeping direction a way to harness wealth, happiness, and overall positivity into one’s life.

The association with deity Yama in the south direction can and such individuals aligning their sleeping orientation with the south may experience an enhancement in financial well-being. They might be able to attract financial well-being. 

The positive energies emanating from the south sleeping direction contribute to construct an overall sense of happiness and positivity for the individual. A restful sleep in this orientation is thought to elevate mood and mental well-being, thereby, creating a conducive environment for personal and professional success.

2. Alignment with Earth’s Magnetic Field:

One of the fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra is the alignment of living spaces with the Earth’s magnetic field. The south sleeping direction coordinates your body positively against this natural force, ensuring that individuals receive enriched positive vibrations while eliminating negative energies. This alignment can offer health benefit to the individual, assures Best Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. 

Quality sleep is essential for physical and mental health. By the help of south sleeping direction, in coordination with the Earth’s magnetic field, you can get deep and rejuvenating sleep. Individuals adopting this orientation may find themselves waking up more refreshed and energized. They may experience some amazing health benefits as well.

Implementing South Sleeping Direction:

In case you bed is not aligned as per this orientation, making this transition is simple enough. You only need to change the position your bed in such a way that your head points towards the south while sleeping. If needed, you might need to change the overall layout of your bedroom a little as well, but the result is worth the effort, assures Best Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

To accurately determine the south direction, use a compass. You can also refer to the sun’s alignment to make this deduction. If you find it challenging to make change of the layout, then at least consider sleeping in the right orientation without change the bed. 

As you can see the advantages of south sleeping direction is pretty exciting. But in several households, making this arrangement is not possible due to layout or available free space. What can be done in such cases? Well, relax as Best vastu consultant in Kolkata permits west and east sleeping direction as well. They are both associated with some amazing benefit for the users. 

So, even if the south sleeping direction is not free, you can still get perks from east and west sleeping orientation. But at all cost, you should not adapt north sleeping direction because it is highly unsuitable for all individuals. You should get in touch with our expert vastuvid. 


The south sleeping direction, as explained by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata is associated with dual combination of spiritual significance and alignment with natural forces. You should embrace this orientation to get benefits from increased wealth, happiness, and overall positivity in your lives. This is a simple yet powerful adjustment that can create a harmonious living environment that supports both physical and mental well-being. 

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We offer best vastu services at pocket friendly budget for all clients. What are you waiting for? Consult expert vastuvid and let them pave your path towards happiness and prosperity. Description- South sleeping direction vastu is recommended by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata for two amazing reasons, let us see what there are before you adapt them for yourself.

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